About Michelle

Michelle is a wife, mother, and proud citizen of North Port in Sarasota County. She has spent the better part of 20 years raising a family, home-schooling her children, and teaching in the performing arts industry to children and adults alike. She is a supporter and trailblazer for parental choice in education. In fact, her children, Brandon and Brianna, attained a B.A/B.S. at the early ages of 18 and 20 – largely because Michelle had the freedom to guide their education individually and allow them to soar. While raising a family, Michelle worked many jobs – big and small – and has been a small business owner, marketing director, a performing arts director and a realtor. She is a hard worker who would often work the night shift at a hotel and stock shelves on the graveyard shift, anything that her family required. Michelle is the servant and leader this district needs.

Michelle comes from a small Midwest town only 10 minutes from the birthplace of former president Ronald Reagan but has lived in the Manatee and Sarasota area for over 18 years with her husband, Joe Pozzie. She attended Columbia College in Chicago for a few years, where she studied the performing arts. She graduated in 2023 from Full Sail University with a BS in Entertainment Business. She believes it is never too late to dream and achieve, and we are never too old to achieve your dreams!

Michelle is a vocal member of the community on issues of parental rights in education and medical freedom and has enjoyed playing a role in conserving freedom on the grassroots level. Currently, Michelle is bringing her journey to the front steps of Tallahassee to represent District 74.